Darcy is sound asleep on the couch. Not even Kenny’s flash woke her up.  It probably helps that she is a little bit hard of hearing.  Even with her bad ears, she minds better than I do.  I don’t have a hearing problem. I have a listening problem. 10726573_10205573831372275_260347990_n

Meet Your New Grand Champion

GCh. Spun Sugar's My Blue Heaven

GCh. Spun Sugar’s My Blue Heaven


Group 3 Ribbon


I had a great time at the Mountain Valley Cluster hanging out with brother Teddy and sister Charlotte. Charlotte became a Grand Champion on Thursday so when I got there on Friday she very generously let me borrow her personal handler Joann Charnik and I got Best of Opposite for 4 points which made me a Grand Champion too.  We do everything  together.

The  next day Mom Brenda took the lead and we managed a G3 in the Owner Handler competition. She needs to work on her hand stacking skills.



Pups in the Park!

May 17, 2014: Me and my posse (a.k.a. Potomac Valley Samoyed Club) made the pilgrimage to Nationals Stadium today. Saw some dogs, ate some burgers, drank some beer (well, some Samoyeds not named SaraBlue….), had a lotta laughs, made a lotta smiles. Left a lot of hair behind so if some Nationals players are having to pick white hair out of their contacts at the next game…. I just want them to know that it was my sister Charlotte’s.

Potomac Valley Samoyed Club: Cherry Blossom Walk

Imagine our delight when we arrived at our annual Cherry Blossom Walk and discovered the Potomac Valley Samoyed Club would be featured in a short documentary film.

James Swartz and Todd Kimes, American University Film Students, walked with us and did a terrific job capturing what it’s like to be us.

Two paws up for James and Todd!

For this project, we had to choose a unique and interesting cultural group in the Washington, DC area and create a piece of art that describes the group. Todd and I chose to create a short video documentary on the PVSC Cherry Blossom Festival Walk.  -James Swartz

Filmed and Edited by James Swartz and Todd Kimes
Music by Todd Kimes
Final Project for ARTS 470: Time Based Studio at American University for Spring 2014

PVSC Pups on Parade

On Saturday I joined twenty other Samoyeds for a walk around the Tidal Basin with stops at the Jefferson Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. The colder than usual spring has delayed the cherry blossoms, but my friends and I made up for it.  I heard one woman say “Forget the blossoms. Forget the monuments. These beautiful dogs have made our trip!” Happy to oblige.

Click this link for a slideshow of our walk!  Cherry Blossom Walk


Mom Irish, Sister Charlotte and I were the canine version of Cherry Blossom Princesses

Mom Irish, Sister Charlotte and I were the canine version of Cherry Blossom Princesses

This lucky girl was surrounded.

This lucky girl was surrounded.

We were mobbed at the Lincoln Memorial

We were mobbed at the Lincoln Memorial