A while back I noticed I was missing a great opportunity to be famous. Maybe not as famous as TACO or FLOPPY but more famous than I am.  That’s when I started putting pictures on Instagram.

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I don't really want to be alone

Lucky Pups

My sister DeltaBlue and I had a great time this weekend at Camp Mantz running and paddling and swimming.  Lucky for us our personal photographer Tamara was there to document the whole thing.


Our Day in the Sun

Today my personal photographer spent the afternoon with us and she brought her camera.  Here’s the result.

Looks like she took more pictures of DeltaBlue than of me.  That’s okay.  The little squirt is kinda cute.  


Introducing DeltaBlue

Red Velvet Girl

Red Velvet Girl. She became DeltaBlue

I should have introduced the little squirt before — but I’ve been busy running away from her. 

(click above to see what I mean.)

In January my life has changed. I started hearing whispers about a new sister. Mom Irish had her third litter – four puppies. Cheddar, Red Velvet, Gilbert Grape and Mr. Dill. In the days that followed Red Velvet became DeltaBlue (Spun Sugar’s Mouth of the South) and then the inevitable happened.


I’m not complaining. I enjoy having someone to play with and right now I can always escape to a couch because DeltaBlue cannot climb up – yet.

But what worries me is that the way she eats, pretty soon she’s going to be bigger than I am.