Run free Rosie and Lily.

I am very sad.  Yesterday we got this email from Jan Lynch, President of Potomac Valley Samoyed Club. As you read Jan’s letter please remember what Mid Atlantic Samoyed Rescue has done for scores of rescues like Rosie and Lily and consider making a contribution in their memory.




Rosie and Lily

I have sad news to report.  PVSC members, Pat and Kevin Byrne, lost Rosie on December 7.  As Pat and Kevin wrote me, “Its true about our rescue Rosie.  Last Saturday, after we returned from the local Amish Market around 4PM, we let Rosie and Lily out into the front yard to play before setting up our Christmas tree.  Rosie started running around briefly and collapsed.  She apparently had a massive heart attack!  We tried giving her CPR but we were unable to bring her back.  As we were trying to revive her, Lily walked over to her, licked her mouth (final good-bye kiss) and then walked a few yards away and laid down.  We are all so devastated and still in shock. 

There were no warning signs what-so-ever that Rosie had a heart issue.  Rosie was always the physically healthier of the two dogs, very spry and enjoyed running in the house playing “crazy dog” whenever you’d rub her belly.  We are still in disbelief.  We are trying to be very uplifting for Lily’s sake because we can tell Lily really misses her terribly.”

 Then, just as I was ready to send out a notice to the club today about Rosie, I received the following email from Pat and Kevin.  

 “Just when you thought things couldn’t possible get worse…..:( 

 We took Lily to our vet yesterday.   We went there because, in addition to the rear leg lameness, Lily’s had an intermittent cough the past two weeks, but yesterday morning it seemed much worse.  So the vet took x-rays of her chest only to find her lungs are filled with cancer.  This is horrible!!  We are beyond devastated.  We haven’t processed Rosie’s sudden death, and now Lily.

The vet warned us it was risky to take Lily back home last night because the spleen was so large it could rupture, but we needed to spend just one more night with her.  She was just so sweet and loving, and we needed a little more time to say goodbye to her.  We decorated our Christmas tree with her last night.  We brought her back to the vet this morning to be put down.  She was in just a little pain during the night, as we had her pumped up with the pain killer tramadol. 

 She’s not in pain any longer, she’s with her best friend Rosie, running after each other pain free (see attached picture of Rosie chasing Lily taken in September).”

 Pat and Kevin had grown very attached to these girls since adopting them from Mid-Atlantic Samoyed Rescue (MASR) in August.  You can read their stories and see pictures of Rosie and Lily on the MASR website:

 Pat and Kevin have supported MASR for years.  They had previously adopted their Samoyed, Snoopy, from MASR and had given him a wonderful life for many years until he passed.  They were looking for one rescue to adopt upon his passing but ended up adopting Rosie and Lily together.  


It is so easy to go for that adorable Samoyed puppy instead of a mature dog, particularly one that has an unknown social and medical history.  Kudos to Pat and Kevin for doing it at least three times.  We share their grief over the loss of Rosie and Lily.  Those of us who have adopted mature dogs know the trials and tribulations that go along with doing so but also have been the beneficiaries of the happiness and love these dogs show for finding their forever homes.  We thank Pat and Kevin for giving Rosie and Lily the best 4 months of their lives.

Run free Rosie and Lily.

Mid-Atlantic Samoyed Rescue (MASR) is an amazing organization that needs your support. Please remember Rosie and Lily with a contribution to MASR. They are a non profit group of volunteers who have banded together to rescue Samoyeds. They take them in, provide veterinary care, foster care, training and TLC until an appropriate adoptive home can be found.