Flashback Wednesday

Here’s a look back to the way we were. We were only 38 days old when this video was shot in May of 2012

When Teddy (Gold Boy), Murphy (Pink Girl), Quincy (Green Boy), Iroh (Orange Boy), Charlotte (Red Girl) and I (Blue Girl) were born we quickly became the most photographed puppies in history. Heck, our births were even caught on a puppycam and transmitted around the world to the delight of thousands.

My personal photographer, Tamara Somerville, is the force behind this. This is one of the most popular videos on her YouTube channel SamoyedMoms http://www.youtube.com/user/SamoyedMoms

The good news is that Teddy, Charlotte, Iroh and I get together often and when we do, we do our best to recreate the action in this video.





Muddy Mutt

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Everything was going great until Arlo and Charlotte decided to bury me in the hole I’d dug in the backyard. The next thing I knew I was being loaded into the Jeep and driven to Muddy Mutt.

The rest is history.


If you have to get a bath, The Muddy Mutt is the place to go. Everyone is so friendly and there are treats.

The Twins

It’s been a while I know, but don’t blame me. Mom was out in New Mexico at a writers’ conference and she forgot to leave me the log in for my website.

While she was out in the Land of Enchantment I had some excitement of my own.

Me and the Twins.

Me and the Twins.

Mom thought it was a pseudo pregnancy. It happens. When she got home she discovered I’d had twins.