Happy Birthday to ME!

imageToday I am One Year Old. Yesterday Jan Lynch (my breeder/mom) came to Camp Mantz and she brought my sister Charlotte. 20130331-092301.jpgIt was a wonderful day. We ran up and down the beach. A couple of times we were just white specks on the rocks. We could hear our humans calling us but we just kept running. We love running fast. We always come back….eventually. image

Click below for Birthday Video


Easter Parade

meIt was a cold, cloudy day. The cherry blossoms hadn’t arrived. But we had a great time walking from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial and then all around the Tidal Basin where we were welcomed with cries of “they’re so fluffy” and “look at the tutu’s.” I think I looked BEAUTIFUL. I’m thinking of wearing my tutu everyday.

Tam took lots of great pictures and Mom made them into a video

I thought her video was a little lame so I made my own video.

I expect there are pictures of me and my pack popping up all over the internet this morning. There were pup-a-razzi everywhere.

Cherry Blossom Walk

I am so excited. On Sunday we are going to welcome Spring with a walk from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial for a group photo on the steps and then we’ll walk around the Tidal Basin and pose for pictures.



You will be able to recognize me because I’ll be the one in the blue tutu.

Mom will be the one with the matching blue fingernails. image

We start at 9:00am. The weather should be perfect and I will be on my best behavior.


I seem to have struck a nerve. It appears there are lots of great dogs and bitches that are pointless like me.

Sandra Spiegel posted Don’t feel alone. Taylor doesn’t have any points either. Maybe that should be a new page too!! Pointless!!

Tamara Somerville said LOL! Love the tag line: “I’m Sara Blue… the most famous dog without a single point.” But I must add: Gidget’s pointless, too. Well, not pointless but without a point. Actually, she makes lots of points – in a piercing high-pitched yap.

Sheri Landsman added Farber Storm doesn’t have points, either, and she never will!

So, if you are feeling pointless, you are in great company.

Feel free to comment if you’re pointless too.


The Dog Show

Introducing Arlo and Darcy

Arlo and Darcy on Our Beach

Arlo and Darcy on Our Beach

I’m not an only dog. When I arrived there was a welcoming committee. It took a while for Arlo and Darcy to warm up to me but now they love me. (This picture was taken by Emmy the Petsitter)

Emmy is the best dog sitter in the whole world. Her name is Emmy. Emmy takes really good care of us when Mom and Pop are away. If you’re a dog, you should tell your people about Emmy the Petsitter.

Dog Shows

Like it says up there, I am the most famous dog without a single point.  I have been competing in dog shows for almost six months and all I have to show for it is a bunch of ribbons.1st Place Ribbons Of course, I don’t do it just for the ribbons. It’s fun as you can see from this video.